Immerse yourself into the ancient arts of the Scout!

Please note: you will need to meet all the pre-requisites listed below!

Sink & Fade ages 13-70+
Pre-requisites: Fox Trail, Bear Skills and a passing score on the Skills Evaluation

The safety and health of the people depended upon the skills of the Scouts to locate fresh water and food and to navigate the people around danger. The ability of the Scout to sink and fade into the landscape and move invisibly at high speeds is both an art and a science. Skills include: advanced and invisible shelter and fire techniques, martial arts study and movement, high speed tracking, and expanded awareness through the use of blindfolds and night-time activities. This week is all about fun and new adventures. It will re-awaken a playful and joyful way for you to view the world. To sum it up, this week is like one giant game of capture the flag. If you are ready to explore a world of intense excitement, where you can never be bored again, this adventure is for you!

Tuition: $675 per week
$985 for 2 people (child with parent or guardian)
$500 for each additional family member

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