(Classes her son took in Summer 2012: 2 sessions of Little Foxes and 2 sessions of Earth Science). 

“I am very grateful for the scholarship for my son who is 5 now (2012). He continues to love Coyote Trails; it is a place where he really feels a sense of belonging. He tells me he wants to teach often. He admires and loves all the staff that work there and they are amazing people with my son. Over the summer he learned more fire making skills, worked with a knife, built debris huts, learned new games, learned how to make baskets and weave cordage, learned about bugs, throwing stick, and connected with staff and peers. I’m not even sure it was all part of the curriculum but if anyone was working on it in his vicinity he paid attention and came home and shared it with us!

Our son came home and taught us various games he liked to play at camp. He also works on a little hand drill kit Morgan made him, sometimes we have to tell him to stop as it’s bed time! We learned piece by piece what he had done at camp as he demonstrated various skills he learned and told us “important things we needed to know” about how to do things. 

Without a scholarship, we wouldn’t have been able to send him and Coyote Trails has become a second home to him. He loves learning all the skills and being outside and then coming back and teaching us anything he learns. He learns some things from me but when they teach him at CTSN it seems to stick more and seems to be more “his” when he comes home and he’s more invested. He sees the staff working on different skills and this inspires him to do this when he’s home. This is a great asset and gives us more common language and activities to do together that aren’t just “mine” but also “his.” He has built a lot of confidence at CTSN. At home he picks up all sorts of items from the woods to make tools and traps. He is now using my knife (safely!) and continues to work on his fire skills with the hand drill. He helps with various wild plant collecting and preparing and never stops with the throwing stick!

We had him in one other camp this summer and he was bummed he couldn’t be at Coyote Trails that week! He wanted to go home from the other camp the minute he was dropped off. At Coyote Trails he never wants to leave! He complained all year about pre-school as he didn’t want to stop exploring or working on skills in the woods. 

I cannot thank anyone enough for giving my son the opportunity to be at CTSN camp this summer! Words cannot truly explain what an impact this program has made for my son or myself! I can only say thank you from my heart.”