A Summer to Remember!

Well we certainly had a blast learning with all of our students this summer! From our annual Fox Trail Adventure on the mountain to our one-of-a-kind day camps, we laughed, played, and explored the world around us.

Instructor Sam Forti put together a blog about a couple of stories from the summer to give you a glimpse of the many awesome adventures that occurred. Check it out!

hezekiah in full camo

August Institute @ Coyote Trails

Coyote Trails recently participated in Southern Oregon Regional Environmental Education Leaders’ (SOREEL) Environmental Education August Institute (AI)! The August Institute is a great opportunity for organizations offering environmental education programs in Southern Oregon to engage with teachers from surrounding areas and collaborate with each other to prepare for the new academic year. Many of our current partners were present and we made some solid new connections.

Click here to get the full story on how we’re joining with teachers and students to bridge the gap between Southern Oregon Schools and the Outdoor world — the School of Nature.

Amanda and Kids inspecting nature

 Have you seen pics from this summer?!

Check out our Facebook account where you’ll find tons of pictures from this summer’s adventures (well, at least from the moments when we remembered to pick up the camera!).