Happy Thanksgiving – we are grateful for the past ten years in service and to you our supporters!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It …

Lindy Newman became a Coyote Trails intern in 2011 and was an instructor in training for several years following. She has always had a huge heart and dedication to teaching and helping others. Here, she shares how her Coyote Trails journey began, her struggles, and how ultimately, she made a difference in the lives of children she encountered.

“Much of my personal character I owe to the earth and to the people who taught me to love it. I could mince words all day trying to put my finger on the moment it started, but out of respect for the page limit, this story will join up with me circa 2007. I was a middle school girl, so like many middle school girls, I was socially paralyzed without my friends…”

Joe GUESTS on a local television program!

Recently our Director, Joe Kreuzman, was interviewed by John Letz for Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV) about the importance of kids slowing down, putting down their electronic devices and experiencing nature so that they might develop their own authenticity. Watch the entire interview here.