Summer Day Camps in Southern Oregon!

gather round the fire

  • Survival Science June 24-28 @ ScienceWorks
  • Little Foxes, June 24-28 @ ScienceWorks
  • The Hunt, July 1-3 & 5 @ CT Nature Center (CTNC)
  • The Wild Artisan, July 1-3 & 5 @ CTNC
  • Way of the Wolverine, July 15-19 @ CTNC
  • The Nature of Creativity, July 15-19 @ CTNC
  • Wilderness Navigator, July 22-26 @ CTNC
  • Survival Science, Aug 5-9 @ ScienceWorks
  • The Wild Artisan, Aug 19-23 @ CTNC
  • Little Foxes, Aug 26-30 @ North Mountain Park
Stone Bowls & the Art of Rock Pecking

Instructor Sam Forti has prepared a story for you (with videos too!), all about how to create a stone bowl by rock pecking. This technique can be used to create many different tools, from stone bowls to bow drill handholds, from oil lamps to axes. Enjoy!

Gray Grant at work in the schools

Coyote Trails is finishing up the five-month “Finding Home” program run with funding from the Gray Family Foundation. We have been working with inspiring students in four different Title I schools in the Medford and Phoenix area. These programs are run with no cost to the schools and emphasize science and art standards.

“It’s like this tiny world is just happening! Right over there!! Look!

Online School Store open — the Coyote Den!

Visit the online Coyote Den to purchase Field guides, clothing, camping gear, Coyote Coffee to name a few. Looking for a present but don’t know just what to get? We have gift certificates available that can even be used to attend one of our traditional living skills classes!  CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS, GRADUATIONS, AND END-OF-THE-SCHOOL-YEAR TRANSITIONS BY GIVING SOMEONE YOU LOVE (yes, even yourself!) THE GIFT THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME — the experience of learning outdoors, asking questions, and connecting to nature and self.