To Whom it May Concern~

I’m a proud Father of a Coyote Pup~
I feel the Value in this wonderful course for the simple fact that We are a part of Nature~. Our very make up is that of the natural living world around us~  We find comfort and peace, whether we realize it or not, in Nature~  To sit, play, and sleep in Nature is a form of self care in the highest order~  Nature is a living Being that can assist in the healing of our physical, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies through the sounds, smells, sights, and silence of an ever flowing masterpiece~
It’s imperative that we get back to our Roots and give our children that foundation for a peaceful existence~
I am Grateful for Coyote Trails and the Coyote Pup Program for giving my Son this opportunity to learn and play in Nature~

Markus Lyons