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Believe it or not … you have the power, with a simple touch of a button, to help us make this important documentary film! For those of you who don’t know, we are six months into filming 5 Women: 4 Seasons, all about this year’s Caretaker Program.

Why are we making a documentary you ask? Well, for the first time in Coyote Trails’ 10-year history, we had 5 courageous young women who chose to spend a year living primitively at our remote camp in the Oregon Cascade Mountains and will, we believe, emerge at the end of that year powerfully transformed! Here they are:

Filming began in earnest in September 2014 when the 5 young women arrived at our primitive camp on “the mountain.” With six months left of filming, questions are arising: Who will make it? What will happen to the women on their year-long journey? What lessons will be learned? What insights will be gained?

You might also ask, “Why in the world did these 5 women choose to spend a year living in the woods?” Join us on the journey as our documentary film 5 Women: 4 Seasons answers these questions .

Behind the camera, we are incredibly fortunate to have an Award Winning team, including Producer Molly Kreuzman; Director Michelle Alvarado of Wahoo Films; Consultant/Writer Jennifer Jordan; Executive Producer Kathy LeMay of Raising Change; Videographer Oneal Latimore; Transcription and Initial Editor Kelly Cassinerio; Social Media Coordinator Emily Borman; and Print Media Coordinator Audrey Kramm.

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The Long Haul

Photo credit: Hayden Teachout