Coyote Trails first started working with students from my classroom six years ago. I teach middle school and I run an after school club that has always emphasized environmental and life science experiences.
Throughout the year, students work on developing relationships with their peers as well as leadership and teambuilding skills. At the end of the year the students in this club participate in a 3 day, 2 night camping experience led by Coyote Trails instructors. I was so impressed with what happened after the first camping weekend that we have maintained a long-term relationship with Coyote Trails ever since.

The students involved in this club are from sixth to 12th grade. The high school kids were in the club in middle school and return to become student leaders and teachers. The middle school students themselves attend for a variety of reasons. Some of them have special needs and are looking for ways to develop self-confidence and make friends. Some of them love the outdoors and they are like sponges, seeking new ways to learn, observe and immerse themselves in the natural world. Some of them just come because it is fun! Since that first camp out weekend man years ago, Coyote Trails instructors have committed themselves to coming to once a month during the school year to teach primitive living skills like shelter building, tracking, fire making, cordage and awareness skills. The kids LOVE it! As a teacher, I love watching my students learn and grow on levels we often don’t have time or skills to address in the classroom. The staff with Coyote Trails has been very sensitive and flexible to my student’s needs, always come prepared with all the materials needed to teach and they develop permanent relationships with the kids.

Personally, I’ve grown, too. I love it as much as the kids do. We plan to have Coyote Trails involved with our program for years to come!

Mandy McNamara
Adventure Club Advisor
New Albany Middle School
New Albany, Ohio