“How can I describe what my daughter gained from her time at Coyote Trails? Words fail to capture the impact it has made on her. The camp was so much more than nature and survival skills, although it was very much that. The days there challenged her mind and body, but most importantly, they inspired self-discovery.

Profound things happened at Coyote Trails. She loved the people, and the beautiful land, but what she loved most was how it changed her, in her words, “for the better”. She felt at peace and grounded there. The combination of healthy living (exercise, healthy eating, plentiful hydration) and spiritual awakening, inspired by Native American teachings, healed her soul in ways we never could have dreamed. She talked of “not being able to hide from yourself” there, and a growing awareness of self and others. Through acceptance, nurturing and quiet she opened up in ways she never had before. What she learned there has helped her live more true to herself.”

Linda Taylor
New Albany, OH