April 2013:

“The Coyote Trails School of Nature is truly a unique program dedicated to helping people slow down, be in the moment, open their eyes and minds, and discover their place in the natural world. I brought my class of environmental education graduate students from Southern Oregon University to meet Joe and Morgan at the Coyote Trails Nature Center and learn more about the Coyote Trails philosophy. After a brief heart-felt discussion and lesson demonstration our students were “hooked” on the importance of questioning strategies and celebrating a sense of wonder. They left inspired to be more intentional in how they work with

other learners to develop and nurture more curious minds. As we continue to research Place-based Education and the importance of connecting with our community, the Coyote Trails mission statement is in perfect alignment: Discover who you are by discovering where you are!

Thank you for guiding our discovery!

Linda Hilligoss
Science Education Coordinator
Southern Oregon University”