June 3, 2006
To Whom It May Concern;

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I endorse the Coyote Trails Program. I encourage families, other programs and educational institutions to support and experience this innovative, experiential nonprofit

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Kreuzman approximately one year ago. Our initial conversations were around the concept of how to implement the program at our 38-acre site just East of Bend. Our limitations were seen only as creative challenges. Mr. Kreuzman and his staff were able to modify the program and conduct a weeklong experience for 12 youth right here on our property. Materials and supplies were hauled in and out on a daily basis.


With no funding resource at the time of program implementation, the Coyote Trails staff did not hesitate to provide the program with the understanding that we would continue to explore our monetary options. ‘The prggram as designed provided clear opportunities for self-reflection, self-confidence building and self-reliance. Building upon this foundation, activities then nurtured the concepts of respect for others, respect for community, empathy development and the ability to trust and be trustworthy.

Participants were not treated as victims of circumstance but held to standards of personal responsibility and accountability. Mr. Kreuzman and his staff provided daily debriefings throughout the week as individual treatment issues surfaced. Personal problems that were addressed included peer conflicts, authority issues, self-centeredness, weak problem-solving skills and antisocial attitudes and values. This flow of communication provided continuity in expectations and the ability to process issues on an individual basis.

The multi-modal approach was extremely effective as participants could learn through utilization of all senses. The experience of particular value was the exercise designed to require participants to identify something in their current life that was problematic. Youth were asked “What could you let go of that is no longer of value or useful?” Youth identified fear, resentment, entitlement thinking, anti-social beliefs and anger.

Please don’t just take my word! Here is what some participants had to say about Coyote Trails.

“Coyote Trails was a fun experience thatt I had. The leaders of Coyote Trails were very respectful and they showed me a lot of great skills for the wilderness and in life”.  – James age 16

“I think Coyote Trails was great and would love for others to experience it too’. – Sean age 15

“While I was participating in Coyote Trails I learned skills that would help me survive in the wilderness, as well as show me skills that I can use everyday. I’ve been through camps, summer schools and wildlife education but Coyote Trails was the most fun and educational for me. The leaders were respectful not only to me but to those that didn’t even resepct them. they taught me many things that I think everyone should learn”. – Adam age 17


Jessi Watkins, Service Coordinator

J Bar J Boys Ranch 

Please visit their site:  http://www.jbarj.org/Boys/boys.html