We are much indebted to you for your guidance and act of tough love for Brad. Giving him a reprimand and sending him home 2 days early drove home a message that we had not been able to succeed in doing.

It took a push from outside the family to instill in Brad that he had to stop his practice of occasionally taking that which wasn’t his and that when he had a project that didn’t particularly appeal to him he still needed to step in and do all that is required. We followed up with a family meeting and Brad agreed that he needed to change and that only he could really make it happen. But I believe that the push from you, is what actually convinced him.

We know that learning from his admonishment was your primary goal for him. Apparently he has learned as there seems to a change in outlook on life, respect toward others, and maturation.

Also he took two classes at the community college as part of his last year in high school getting an A in each. Part time jobs are very hard to find for his age group but he took on a ‘by referral’ sales job offered to students on campus in which he has made twenty or thirty-some in-home sales presentations. He made some money but I am sure profited far more from taking on a challenge to do something he had never done before and dong it well. I credit Coyote Trails as playing a part in the inspiration and determination needed to take on and complete these challenges.

He learned to love tracking at Coyote Trails and has gone tracking many times this winter along the river in the parkland with a friend and his younger brothers. His 9 year old brother is thrilled to go.

I believe Brad’s experiences at Coyote Trails have benefited him greatly and I hope that your program is able to grow and reach out to many more.

Mr. H.G. Hosbrook