Why Coyote Trails Nature Education? Many school students participate in programs that get them outside and into nature to experience direct learning from the Earth. The excitement and sense of discovery that kids of all ages experience in the outdoors simply can not be created within the classroom. And yet, we have had teacher after teacher comment that their student’s experience with Coyote Trails is unlike anything they have ever seen before in any outdoor program. How is Coyote Trails different from all the others?

At Coyote Trails we practice an indigenous method of teaching called Coyote Teaching. Our instructors are mentors who do not directly deliver information; rather, we create situations that bring out a student’s sense of wonder and personal discoveries. Questions arise naturally, leading to deeper questions that in turn lead students further into their own educational experience. Motivated now by their own passions to understand, students eventually leave us teachers behind and learn how to learn; on their own. We believe that this type of inquiry based teaching creates the habits of thinking that are needed for students to become true life time learners. Too often, educational programs only provide information. With Coyote Trails, students discover how to find the information themselves so that they themselves grow into becoming the teachers.

Coyote Trails has been working with both public and private school programs since our inception. We use primitive skills as our teaching vehicle where social skills, problem solving and teamwork are all a part of the experience. We work with combined classes or individual students one on one and often visit schools for one or two hour presentations.  However, our most rewarding experiences with schools involve year round teaching that allows us to nuture personal connections with each individual student. Looping programs that continue year to year have shown incrdible student results. We understand how to develop lesson plans around state standards and the value of addressing all multiple intelligences. Coyote Trails provides all the materials needed for each lesson and can either bring our program to you or you can visit us in our outdoor classroom.

Several schools have already joined our Coyote Trails Adventure Club programs. These clubs are a fantastic way to introduce students to the natural world. Usually meeting after school twice a month, these clubs explore the natural environment through primitive skills, student driven activities such as service projects, guest speakers and trips to local science or environmental centers. At the end of the school year we invite the clubs to come together for an overnight camping experience that incorporates all the skills they learned through the entire year. It becomes a rite of passage for the individual and a celebration for the entire community.

Whether our journey together involves one on one mentoring with a single student, staff development, or the creation of an after school Coyote Trails Adventure Club program, we welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities together.