A unique aspect at Coyote Trails School of Nature is our focus on families. Knowing the importance of family, we provide the environment for a parent, grandparent or guardian to attend with their children. This positive shared experience produces lasting results where the parent and child continue to grow together long after they have returned home. This not only gives the adults an incredible experience of their own, but it provides them with the chance to reconnect with their child in a deeper way without everyday distractions that encroach upon our daily lives.

We have seen the power and the bond that develops within the family while learning nature skills together. These wilderness skills run deeper than just cool things to do outdoors. In the solitude of nature one gains deep personal insights and a renewed sense of peace; this program exists so kids of all ages may experience their own inner peace and touch that true connection with the natural world. For grandparents we also enter into “the role of the elder” in today’s society and how vital you are within modern families.

Choosing a nature study program for your child is an important endeavor. That’s why we encourage you to learn all you can about Coyote Trails School of Nature through reading our course descriptions and FAQ’s contained within this site and throughout our printed literature. We further encourage you to contact us directly to answer any additional questions you may have. Most importantly, we encourage you to join us here at Coyote Trails and take part in your child’s learning experience.

Your family vacation is a precious commodity and we take our responsibility with your family’s adventure seriously.