All Coyote Trails Instructors:

  • Are at least 18 years of age.
  • Have taken the Fox Trail, or have tested out with equivalent skills & knowledge.
  • Show passionate interest in advancing their own skills, (one way is by engaging in the other trails of study)
  • Understand long-term cultural mentoring, what it takes to mentor each and every learner in a class and also have a working knowledge and felt sense of what it is like to be mentored
  • Show passionate interest in evolving as a better teacher
  • Worked on Instructor Teams as an Instructor-In-Training with CTSN (for at least one season)
  • Have attended CTSN staff training at a minimum of once every two years.
  • Have a working, usable understanding of ‘Coyote Teaching’ and its effectiveness

Qualities of a Coyote Trails Instructor:

  • Passionate about wilderness skills, teaching, and learning
  • Personable and articulate
  • Enjoys working with kids and adults
  • Supports light-hearted teaching environments
  • Teaches with humility
  • Takes initiative
  • Conflict resolution and safety prevention skills