Long-term programs for individuals


Long-term programs available for school requirements, individuals, and homeschool groups. Applications required. Contact our office.

Program Title Grade Level Topic Length Max Number Dates Offered
The Way
of the

Graduated high school or 18 years of age. Traditional living skills and caretaking. Continual study over time. Year-long. Multiple seasons 7 Year-long (contact office for projected dates)
Volunteer: Nature Center 9th-adult Non-profit office assistance, grounds assistance None N/A Spring, Fall, Winter
Summer Internship 9-12th Traditional living skills & teaching. Must take Fox Trail prior to or summer of; required to live on site. Minimum 4 weeks none Summer only
Practicum and Projects 9-12th,
College +
Traditional living skills, caretaking, long-term school project Multiple seasons 16 Spring, Fall, Winter