How can parents participate?


A unique aspect at Coyote Trails School of Nature is our focus on families. Knowing the importance of family, we provide the environment for a parent, grandparent or guardian to attend with their children.

This positive experience together produces lasting results where the parent and child continue to grow together long after they have returned home. This not only gives the adults an incredible experience of their own, but it provides them with the chance to reconnect with their child in a deeper way without the everyday distractions that encroach upon our daily lives. For grandparents, we also touch on “the role of the elder” in today’s society. Join us as a family, sign up your teenagers, or come as an adult. We promise a rewarding experience in wilderness skills, nature study, storytelling, art and the underlying philosophy connecting us to all things. Our programs range in length from day programs to six month internships. First-time family participants begin with the Family Fox Trail Adventure.