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Courses and Classes

All of our classes are available for public school, private school/groups, charter school, and homeschool groups. Class series available for all topics.

This is a generalized list of the types of classes we provide. We customize each program for each group, & account for the time of year (for example: Edible & Medicinal Plants class will be different in winter than it will be in late spring). In general, we try to keep a small age range for a group in order to provide the best learning conditions for the students, but we are willing to work with groups who have a larger age range as well.

Program Title Grade Level Topic Length
Wilderness Navigator! K-12 Compass, survival, and landscape study 1-4 hours
Survival Science! K-12 Shelter, water, fire food: science keeps you alive! 2+ hours
Tracking 4-12 Animal tracking, movement, and identification 1-6 hours
Earth Art K-12 Baskets, cordage, flint knapping*, dyes, natural crafting 4+ Hours
Fire I 2-12 Matches, strikers, and fire structure. 2-4 Hours
Fire II 5-12 Steel and flint, bow drill, hand drill, tinder bundle 2-4 Hours
Shelter K-12 Debris hut, structure and science 2+ hours
Early Civilization 5-12 Food prep/cook, keeping camp, hide tanning*, water purification 3-6 Hours
Edible & Medicinal Plants 8-12 Edible, native plants, and medicinal uses 1-2 Hours
Evolution of… 6-12 Hunting or fire technologies through time 2-4 Hours
Awareness studies I 5-12 Intro to awareness, wilderness movement 1-4 Hours
Awareness studies II 7-12 Advanced landscape awareness and movement 2-4 Hours
Little Foxes @ School K-1 Nature exploration, introduction to skills 1-4 Hours
Visual Journaling 9-12 Multimedia documentation of experiences and memories 2-4 Hours
The Art of Thrival 7-12 Comfort crafting: seats, mats, baskets, keeping camp 2-4 Hours
Leadership: Practices for Self 9-12 Introduction to mentorship, learning to work in a team 2-4 Hours
Movement and Awareness K-12 Natural movement, early human and landscape studies, ecology 2-4 Hours
Wilderness Safety & Survival 6-12 Lost-proofing/navigation, intro to survival, basic first aid (no certification) 2-6 Hours
Traditional Handcrafts 8-12 Baskets, cordage, flint knapping*, natural crafting 2-5 Hours

Estimated Costs

Adjusted for number of students & program length. If additional preparation and/or materials are required, there will be additional costs. Joint grant writing opportunities are available; contact us with your specific class needs.

Day Classes (for groups of 5 or more students):
1-2 hour workshop: $6- $20 per student
3-5 hour workshop: $10 – $35 per student

Small Group Day Classes:
Classes for groups of less than five are priced on a sliding scale of $20- $65 per student for a 1-5 hour class

Day Camps:
$145- $260

Weekend Overnights
$195 – $295

Weeklong Overnights
$675 – $1599

Extended Overnight classes (2 weeks-1 month)
$1200 – $4700

Class Prices vary depending on number of students, cost of materials, length of class, travel costs, etc. To schedule a class with us, or to get an exact price quote, contact our Program Coordinator at Katie@CoyoteTrails.org or 541-772-1390.

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