Dr. Jesse Lopez

Board Member

Dr. Jesse Lopez is a practicing physician and surgeon of 27 years in Overland Park Kansas. As a father of 7 children, he knows the importance of exposing children to avenues of creativity other than video games and other typical electronic means.  Through Coyote Trails, his own children have  experienced growth in their personal development and self-esteem by challenging themselves.  Because of the profound change that he has seen, not only in his own children, but in others who have been touched by Coyote Trails, Dr Lopez felt it was a great honor to be part of the Board of Directors of Coyote Trails School of Nature, to assist its great leadership and staff with its sacred mission of reaching our communities through the concept of education in the great outdoors. The concepts of stewardship for the environment and compassion towards one another is a foundational premise of Coyote Trails, which he strongly believes in. Dr. Lopez’s experience in assisting the community involves previous experience on the Board of Directors of various philanthropic institutions, such as the United Way. He has also served on the school board of his children’s school and has served in the community in various ways, such as Little League coaching for many many years.  Additionally, he has been involved in charitable medical mission trips to countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, and Tajikistan.