As the winter solstice approaches, we gather energy for the spring. Here we tell you about two Coyote Trails projects with very different goals which we hope will yield benefits long into the future.
We wish you the best during the holidays and throughout the new year!
Kitchen Confidential

Steve Cossin, CT instructor and jack of all trades, reports on a project near and dear to the hearts of all who have taken overnight classes or trails of study at our wilderness campus.

“Roughly 10 years ago, Coyote Trails School of Nature established itself on the slopes of the Rogue Valley. As our name implies, and as you might expect, we employ very little infrastructure by way of modern conveniences to accompany our classes. One of the fundamental lessons we try to pass on to our students is that Nature can and will provide you with all your needs. That being said we do however have, by our standards, some modern amenities for many of our classes, such as our beloved Bobs (Porta Potty), a fully stocked medical facility ready for even the itchiest of mosquito bites, and our rugged mountain ‘Rez Truck’ capable of hauling all of your camping comforts up to Tent City.

“And then there is the Kitchen…”

Man with a plan

A message for our friends and neighbors

This month Coyote Trails sent an inspiring message to more than 9,000 friends and neighbors. See the message below and consider sharing it with anyone you think would like to support the Coyote Trails mission.

Joe recalls one of his earliest tracking experiences

A recent appearance on the NBC News 5 at 5 program covered the nature center, CT’s approach to outdoor education, and an interesting story of one of Joe’s early tracking experiences.