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Medford, OR 97501

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“[My son] being in an outdoor preschool has actually inspired us as a family to be together outdoors more… in adulthood and busy lives it’s something we don’t do enough of. Since [my son] has started school he’s motivated us as a family to go out and do something. And this has brought us closer together as a family.”

Kacy, Parent

“It’s imperative that we get back to our Roots and give our children a foundation for a peaceful existence ~ I am Grateful for Coyote Trails and the Coyote Pup Program for giving my Son this opportunity to learn and play in Nature.”

Markus, Parent

“This is Crazy FUN, I say Crazy Fun!”

Sierra, age 8
“The online mentoring did a lot for me. I was, and still am, so thankful to have a person with so much knowledge and experience guiding me along my journey.”

“Thank you for the confident, funny, talkative, interested, and interesting young man you returned to me after 5 weeks at Coyote Trails.”

Wendy, Parent
“I want to thank you again for I am a different person after this summer. Most kids my age only care about drugs and alcohol, I now have so much more to be happy about, thanks.”
Darren, age 24

“It’s just one big ‘WOW’ for our whole family.”

Carita, Grandmother

“Thank you for sharing your skills on how to make ash cakes and pine needle tea. The ash cakes were delicious and the tea tasted citrusy.”

Mrs. Packard's Class

“If anybody were to ask what Coyote Trails was like I would run away for fear that I could not tell the greatness of the adventure. Thank you from every corner of my body, thank you.”

Noah, age 14

“Thank you for the gift of such a generous scholarship. Our son will treasure the memory of his three incredible weeks with you at camp for life.”

Sherrill, Mother