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This class is now closed!! Please watch for our return trip in June of 2013!! Thanks for your interest.

The International Fox Trail is back!! Namukelekile – ‘welcome’ to South Africa. We know that for the adventurous international Trails of Study student, the most powerful experiences are about discovering something new—be it a landscape, a culture, a flavor, or a completely different sensation altogether. With a stunning variety of spectacular natural environments, exotic wildlife and lively culture, South Africa offers a journey of discovery like no other. Join us for an amazing journey into the bush of South Africa and Discover Who You Really Are!!

When: August 1-10, 2012

Who: Open to ages 11-70+ (Limited to 21 participants) No pre-requisites or prior Coyote Trails class experience needed.

Price: $2,100 per person – not including your own airfare to Eastgate Airport, Hoedspruit via Johannesburg – It is time to cash in those Frequent Flyer miles.

Why? Here is your opportunity to travel back in time to live the bush skills and experience Africa as it always was – Wild, Remote and Untamed!! (Adults have options for nice sleeping accommodations)

How? Our host and hostess’s sincere hospitality makes any visitor feel at home and “part of the family” within minutes after arriving. The lovely setting of our camp soon soothes away stress while the peace and quiet of unspoiled nature becomes a way of life. Country-style cooking enhances the intimate atmosphere experienced at our Basecamp. The concept of this trip is based on the environment and nature, there is no swimming pool, television, radios, telephones or shopping facilities. This is not roughing it Wander Quest style, but it will give you a taste of Africa at it’s very best.

Africa Fox Trail 2012 Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Meet at Eastgate Airport, 1 pm for our shuttle ride to Basecamp.
  • Arrival and bush fox walk; orient and ground into our new location.

Day 2:

  • Survival in the bush: see what it is like on a grassroots level for proper full survival in the African bush.

Day 3:

  • Bushwalk tour, awareness skills and observation alley
  • Dissection of Impala or Warthog
  • Predator Baiting Station / Tracking Africa’s Wildlife Lessons in the Bush

Fox Trail

Day 4:

  • Kruger National Park Day- experience all the Big Game animals up close and personal along with scenery that will burn a lasting impression upon your memory. Established in 1898 to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld, this national park of nearly 2 million hectares, SANParks – Kruger National Park is unrivaled in the diversity of its life forms and a world leader in advanced environmental management techniques and policies. This park has the most diverse game viewing experience in Africa with 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals.

Day 5:

  • Tracking & Trailing South Africa Style – experience the inner connection to all things while living it yourself.
  • Bushman First Aid – learn wild medicinals and ancient remedies for that which ails you.

Day 6:

  • Tracker training
  • Shelter building
  • Sleep out in the bush – need we say more?

Day 7:

  • Game & Predator Rehab Center – walk with lions and learn all about the cheetah the fastest land mammal alive and how the rehab center works to care for injured and poisoned wildlife. Moholoholo is the only facility in southern Africa to have successfully bred the endangered crowned eagle and runs a hugely successful cat breeding program for the rare serval; over 150 of which have been bred and released back into areas where they have previously become extinct.
  • Bushman Arrow making each student will make a traditional functional arrow to keep

Day 8:

Today we drive to an indigenous village stopping for lunch along the way at the world famous Harry’s Pancake Place.

  • Panoramic Route: The magnificent Panorama Route is best known for its cultural heritage and its dramatic landscapes. This route hosts some of the best adrenalin enhancing adventures in the country including the exquisite waterfalls in Graskop and Sabie, God’s Window and the Echo Caves that speak of Africa’s powerful tribes such as Pedi, Mapulane and Swazi and the many trails of the Voortrekkers with ancient artistic footprints left by the indigenous peoples of Africa. View short clip of the canyon!!
  • Shangana village: Midway between the Blyde River Canyon and the southern Kruger National Park, the residents of the traditional villages of Shangana have invited us to share in the way of life of the Shangana people. The picturesque villages are set in the shade of ancient trees in a reserve of forest and grassland.

Day 9:

  • Tubing the Blyde River & Reptile park: The Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon of its kind in the world and promises an adventure which rivals the iguana catching on Rio Blanco from our Belize Fox Trail in 2008. The reptile park houses black and green mambas, boomslangs and Mozambique Spitting Cobras and the infamous Nile crocodiles.
  • Night Drive, animal awareness and Closing Ceremony

Day 10:

  • Depart for Eastgate Airport to fly to Johannesburg (flight arrangements are up to each individual to arrange and are not included in the price of this class) All participants need to be in Eastgate Airport by 10 am on August 1the first day of this program. On the day of arrival for the course please book the first flight into Eastgate, Hoedspruit. You will be returned to Eastgate Airport by 1 pm on August 10th the last day of this program.

To reserve your spot: Fill out a registration form and return with a non-refundable deposit of $750. Because of the incredible price of this journey, the trip is first come, first reserved only.

Instructors: Joe Kreuzman, Sandy Willmore

Recommended Reading List: “Tracks and Signs of Southern & East Africa Wildlife” by Chris& Tilde Stuart

“A photographic Guide of Tracks & Tracking in SA” by Louis Liebenbuerg

Weather: Winter and dry season: May to September – days are a lot cooler with low humidity and mainly sunny, around 22 to 28 degrees C, with cool nights and mornings (temperatures can drop to about 5 degrees C, sometimes a little lower); the odd cold front may blow over bringing cool, windy and overcast conditions with soft rain.

Coyote International Trail Student Comments:

“One of my dreams is to travel to Africa, and to go with my Coyote Trails family would be incredible! Belize was an unbelievable trip, but I think I was to young to comprehend everything that happened, so I plan to go back there someday. Belize was a life changing trip, and I bet Africa will be the same if I end up going!” – Teenage Student

“Our trip to Belize with Fox Trails was truly UNBELIZABLE! It was a chance of a lifetime and a life changing experience. We arealready planning for another life changing experience in South Africa! Sincere thanksto Joe and Sandy for making these trips possible!!!!” Blessings, Pam and Eric Fitch

“When I traveled on an International Trail of Study with Coyote Trails to Belize, the trip was not a tourist type experience. I was able to embrace the culture on a personal level. We visited the villages and homes of one of our hosts, shared a meal and played together. Our experiences allowed us to connect with the land and the culture directly, without any filters, and I still hold those memories dearly today. I can’t wait for Africa and there is no way I’ll miss it. It will be a trip of a lifetime!” – Mother

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