September 2016

Dear Coyote Trails School of Nature,

Thank you so much for providing excellent instruction to the 5th grade students at Oak Grove Elementary through the Finding Home Program.  Your visits to Oak Grove were the highlight of my student’s month.  Through your program, my students developed a greater love and appreciation for the great world of nature.  They learned how to quietly observe nature through fox walking, owl eyes and deer ears.  They were able to discover how animals move by learning about their tracks. Above all, they increased their knowledge of the natural world.

At our field trip to your Medford location at the end of the year, students tried to start fires using bow and hand drills, went on a quiet nature walk, and even helped plant a garden for a Monarch Butterfly feeding station.  One of their favorite activities was a group game called, “Screaming Cheetah’s”.  It was a fun field trip for chaperones and students!

The experiences you provided this year were both educational, and fun for Oak Grove Students.  Thanks so much for the rich education and here’s hoping we find many more fun hands on experiences with our continued partnership in the future.


Cindy Woodard

5th Grade Teacher