Fox Trail Courses

//Fox Trail Courses

FOX TRAIL: The fox is ingenious, quick-witted, curious, always playful and a master at camouflage. This is our introductory Trail of Study for all students.
Fox Trail Classes: Fox Trail Adventure, Coyote Kitchen, Fox Naturalist, Fox Mystery Week, Earth-Art!!

Preschool Nature Days

Developing senses need inspiration, imagination, and tangible opportunities to explore what makes us wonder! Young preschool students will be immersed in the natural environment for animal & plant studies, weather exploration through simple survival skills,

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Fox Trail: Earth-Art!!

Open to ages 7-17 Let your creativity flow - with Nature as your inspiration. Earth-Art! Clay, paints, and pencils - Mud, leaves, and grass - the artistic exploration of nature. Students are introduced to the

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Fox Trail: Fox Naturalist

Offered to Ages 7-70+ Pre-requisites: None Studying the ecology of one place and all the different interactions of the plants, animals, birds, and insects and how they relate to the seasons and the ever-changing weather

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