Deer Trail Courses

//Deer Trail Courses

DEER TRAIL: The deer is peaceful, gentle, always alert and native to every continent except Australia. With keen eyes, radar ears, and twitchy nose, the deer is alwys highly aware of its surroundings as it gently lures us to new adventures. It leads us back to the primal wisdom of old teachings.
DEER TRAIL CLASSES: Tracking and Awareness, Advanced Deer Trail, From Tracking to Trailing, Deer Trail III-VII.

Deer Trail III – VII

Advanced Tracking Classes are offered every few years once enough students have met the pre-requisite classes. If you are interested in going further within tracking contact us directly for information or to arrange for a

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Deer Trail: Advanced Deer Trail

Offered to ages 7-70+Pre-requisite: Fox Trail Adventure This advanced week is designed to deepen ones knowledge within the science and the art of the ancient tracking skills. This will include; animal track identification, sign identification,

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