Coyote Trail Courses

//Coyote Trail Courses

COYOTE TRAIL: To get onto our Coyote Trail of Study, the student must demonstrate a passion for learning and a keen awareness of the natural world.The coyote is a skillful teacher and loves to play. Here anything is possible!!  All the skills learned from the previous five 'Trails of Study' are incorporated into a balance upon this trail. Practical applications to the everyday world we live in are practiced and we constantly remind our students not to take anything too seriously. We learn together to re-awaken our childlike sense of humor, our intellect, creativity, the artistic mind, and the balance of all our senses.
Classes on the COYOTE TRAIL: The Tao of Yoda, Beyond Tracking and Trailing, Burl Survival, Urban Earth Living, The Shadow Wander Quest.