In the spring of 2006 Sisters Middle School sixth grade outdoor School program hired Coyote Trails School of Nature. The contract was for teaching students a different way to relate to the natural world around them. Our usual classes consist of science and outdoor recreation curriculum for example; tree planting, campfire building, plant identification, etc. Our desire to add creative ways to be in the outdoors led us to the Coyote Trails curriculum. 

Our initial contact with Coyote Trails was at a fair in Sisters where they demonstrated native skills in fire building among other interesting skills. We noted the enthusiasm of the crowd, so we asked Coyote Trails to work with 6th graders to satisfy our need for new ideas.

The staff is remarkable. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with this talented and pleasant staff will notice the depth and integrity that emanates from each teacher. They are prompt, well equipped and organized. The lessons are concise, focused on activity, and use the natural environment to teach each concept. Our students’ favorite activity was building natural survival shelters and using natural ingredients to cook over a fire.

We are working with Coyote Trails again this year and anticipate a very successful experience.

Carol Packard,

6th Grade Teacher, Sisters Middle School – Sisters, Oregon