Offered to ages 15-17
Pre-requisites: Fox Trail Adventure and Bear Skills

This experience will test your skills and put you directly in touch with nature and yourself through the purity of wilderness. We will be living close to the earth, re-setting our internal clock to that of the land, letting go of our modern necessities and moving toward full primitive living. Our time will focus heavily on living the primitive skills and incorporating the philosophy of Nature and care-taking. We will venture deeper and
deeper into the Oregon Wilderness while practicing all we have learned in a safe but adventurous way. The opportunity will exist to experience a solo overnight as a rite of passage for those who qualify and are interested.
This course is limited to 12 students. If interested please notify us six months in advance, so that you can prepare early for this life changing and truly rewarding experience.

Tuition: $1275 per person
$975 for each additional family member

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