Offered to ages 7-70+

Pre-requisites: Fox Trail Adventure

This advanced week long skills course hones and polishes the survival skills and craft work that were only introduced during the Fox Trail Adventure. These primitive living skills are works of art in the truest sense in both beauty and function. The people’s lives depended on their knowledge and craftsmanship. These skills  function as a bridge into deeper awareness levels! Here we cover advanced shelter building, flint knapping (the art of making stone tools), bowmaking, basketry, advanced fire techniques, brain-tanning buckskin, advanced stalking and movement, coal burned wooden bowls and utensils, primitive pottery, and advanced tracking techniques to name a few. It is our goal to increase the student’s appreciation for the natural world and the beautiful and useful tools that can be created when we are true stewards of the land.  This week is an opportunity to practice what you learned upon the Fox Trail.  Adults and parents are in separate learning groups from the youth and teens, some evening activities and all meals are shared together.

Tuition: $675 per week
$985 for 2 people (child with parent or guardian)
$500 for each additional family member

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