Our two sons received a scholarship to attend Earth Art!! camp in August. They had such a fantastic time, an even better time than either of them anticipated. The first day they told long stories about the shelter they built and the wonderful teachers they met. By the end of the week, they were particularly fond of one teacher in particular, Sam. They told me they enjoyed getting to know some ‘cool adults’ just as much as the skills they learned and the games they played. My son told me he wanted to keep in touch with Sam because he was so impressed by him. Building relationships is such a valuable part of our community to our family and I’m thrilled that the boys found this at the Coyote Trails camp.

The boys most enjoyed shelter building, learning about the sit spot, learning to listen like deer and to walk with no sound. They were more observant after the camp and their connection to the Earth seemed to have deepened. The intangibles were really special. I know they will carry these skills with them to all of their adventures.  

This camp experience may not have been possible without the scholarship so both my husband and I are deeply grateful to Coyote Trails.

Thank you to everyone who makes Coyote Trails camp possible for the youth in our community. It truly is a treasure.