CT wheelOur classes are grouped into “Trails of Study” upon the ‘wheel’ and reflect our year-round nature awareness curriculum. As students make their way around the ‘wheel’ a common theme of awareness begins to materialize. At the center of the spokes rests the “Coyote Trail” of Study. The animals, the colors, the directions, the elements, the medicine is all represented upon and within the ‘Wheel of Study.’ The curriculum is tailored to the age of each learning group. Most classes upon each trail are offered in conjunction with a family class to give families an opportunity to experience the “School of Nature” at the same time.

FOX TRAIL: The fox is ingenious, quick-witted, curious, always playful and a master at camouflage. This is our introductory Trail of Study for all students. FOX TRAIL CLASSES: Fox Trail Adventure, Coyote Kitchen, Fox Naturalist, Fox Mystery Week, Earth-Art!!, Coyote Weekend Seminars I – IV, Little Fox Cubs.

DEER TRAIL: The deer is peaceful, gentle, always alert and native to every continent except Australia. With keen eyes, radar ears, and twitchy nose, the deer is always highly aware of its surroundings as it gently lures us to new adventures. It leads us back to the primal wisdom of old teachings. DEER TRAIL CLASSES: Tracking and Awareness, Advanced Deer Trail, From Tracking to Trailing, Deer III-VII.

BEAR TRAIL: To survive the long Winter, Bear’s knowledge of the landscape must be great. He is a master at conservation of energy and surviving. The bear teaches us to draw upon our inner stores of energy, even those that have never been accessed. These skill-based classes are both fun and rewarding. Students will return home with numerous projects both learned and completed. BEAR TRAIL CLASSES: Bear Skills, – Wood, Bone, Hide & Stone – Winter Living Skills, Wilderness Wander Quest.

OWL TRAIL: The owl has both keen eyesight and hearing. They can adjust in an instant from afar to pinpoint and gain invaluable perspectives where nothing escapes their wide field of vision. The knowledge and wisdom of the owl offer new insights into ourselves and the natural world. OWL TRAIL CLASSES: Philosophy of Nature, Advanced Philosophy of Nature, Earth Stewardship, Owl III-V.

WEASEL TRAIL: The weasel is graceful, solitary and very silent. The weasel glides effortlessly across the landscape like water moving from shadow to shadow and like water the weasel simply sinks and fades into invisibility. The weasel is both sly and secretive and always observing. The Ancient Arts of the Scout, and all the playfulness that comes along with it is where this trail begins. WEASEL TRAIL CLASSES: Sink and Fade, Advanced Sink and Fade, Sink and Fade III, The Living Shadow.

COYOTE TRAIL: To get onto our Coyote Trail of Study, the student must demonstrate a passion for learning and a keen awareness of the natural world. The coyote is a skillful teacher and loves to play. Here anything is possible!!  All the skills learned from the previous five ‘Trails of Study’ are incorporated into a balance upon this trail. Practical applications to the everyday world we live in are practiced and we constantly remind our students not to take anything too seriously. We learn together to reawaken our childlike sense of humor, our intellect, creativity, the artistic mind, and the balance of all our senses. Classes on the COYOTE TRAIL: The Tao of Yoda, Beyond Tracking and Trailing, Burl Survival, Urban Earth Living, The Shadow Wander Quest.

Why Trails Of Study?

Each ‘Trail of Study’ represents a path of learning for the student to follow. All Trails enhance and build upon each other. Discovering how each Trail is linked together with the others is an exciting adventure for students. Just as there are changes through each passing season; from seed to sprout and from fruit to root; each of our classes evolve,  while the lessons upon each ‘Trail of Study’ begin to weave the wheel.

We are delighted to have you join us and feel certain that this will be a richly rewarding experience. The 1600 acres we call home, just outside of Ashland, Oregon, comes to life each summer with exploration, discovery and good old fashion fun. You see – our camp is a little different. Oh sure, we have songs and campfires but we also teach you how to make fire by friction, to track animals and to build a debris shelter, among other things. By the end of the week you’ll be able to distinguish birdsong, not necessarily what species but if it’s a baseline song, a mating signal or an alarm call alerting the other animals in the woods of an intruder. You’ll be able to look at a track and tell if it’s a canine or a feline and how fast it is moving and why. You’ll be able to identify different trees and plants and learn some of their primary uses. You’ll be in touch with what’s happening in the woods around you. It’s pretty amazing stuff. And one of the coolest aspects is these are the same skills your ancestors once used. Whether your family was from Europe, Asia, Africa or beyond, they all built fires without matches, they all tanned animal skins and they all built shelters. We call them Primitive Living Skills but soon you’ll be calling them good clean fun!

Part of that fun at the “School of Nature” is the variety of classes we offer. You can choose a week of basic skills training or multiple advanced skill weeks in a row. You can choose to come with friends or meet new ones. Come as a  family with a parent or grandparent or join us as an adult. You can choose a week of Scout games (not a lot of sleep but a ton of fun!) or you could choose to go on a Wilderness Wander Quest to test and apply the skills you’ve learned in previous classes. And you will do all of this knowing you are with a group of highly skilled and incredibly conscientious instructors who will guarantee your safety at all times.

While some courses are offered annually in both our Oregon and Ohio locations, others may be available only on an every other year basis. Adults and parents are in separate learning groups from the youth and teens – some evening activities and all meals are shared together. Please let us know any questions you may have and thanks for joining us at Coyote Trails!!