Recommendations From Parents

Markus Lyons, 2017

To Whom it May Concern~

I'm a proud Father of a Coyote Pup~
I feel the Value in this wonderful course for the simple fact that We are a part of Nature~. Our very make up is that of the natural living world around us~  We find comfort and peace, whether we realize it or not, in Nature~  To sit, play, and sleep in Nature is a form of self care in the highest order~  Nature is a living Being that can assist in the healing of our physical, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies through the sounds, smells, sights, and silence of an ever flowing masterpiece~
It's imperative that we get back to our Roots and give our children that foundation for a peaceful existence~
I am Grateful for Coyote Trails and the Coyote Pup Program for giving my Son this opportunity to learn and play in Nature~

Markus Lyons

Kacy Fumasi, 2017

February 8, 2017

To whom it may concern:

   My name is Kacy, and my son, Tristan, attends the Coyote Pups Outdoor Preschool at the Coyote Trails School of Nature, in Southern Oregon. I had spent a lot of time looking into preschools in the area and wasn’t finding what I wanted.  See, I had read articles about outdoor schools in Denmark, and Germany, and that’s what I wanted for my son.  To learn through doing and adventure. And then a friend (knowing what I wanted in a preschool) sent me the link to the Coyote Pups Outdoor Preschool, asking if I had signed him up.  It just so happened it was a flyer for the open house that weekend.  I immediately went and signed him up and as it just so happens we were the first to register. 

   At the open house we got to meet the staff and like-minded parents. The staffed answered all our questions and were very welcoming.  While the adults talked with the preschool staff, other staff members were interacting with the children and doing outdoor activities with them; showing them how to build small shelters, how crack nuts with rocks (foraging) and showing them around the garden area. I’m not sure my son even knew we were there, he was having such a great time. .

   It has now been a month since Tristan has started preschool. He literally runs to the classroom dome, and I barely get a good-bye before he is diving into some animal activity. As I was picking him up one day I heard one of the other little boys telling his parents they learned about plants and he continued to tell them about Yarrow.  When I got to Tristan he too told me they learned about plants, but he proceeded to tell me about the Lavender and Willow tree.  He told me different facts about the Willow and how the branches grow and so forth.  When I asked him why he remembered Lavender, he told me it was because we used it at home.  I was amazed by both boys, and what they took away from class that day. I love that they were learning about medicinal plants!

   Tristan being in an outdoor preschool has actually inspired us as a family to be together outdoors more.  Me and my husband were both raised to love the outdoors and spent a lot of time outside as children, but in adulthood and busy lives it’s something we don’t do enough of. Since Tristan has started school he’s motivated us as a family to go out and do something.  And this has brought us closer together as a family.

   Thus far, the whole outdoor preschool has been a positive experience for us! As my son turns five soon, I just wish there was an outdoor kindergarten!...

Thank you,

Kacy Fumasi 

Shakina Drew, Ashland Oregon, 2013

(Classes her son took in Summer 2012: 2 sessions of Little Foxes and 2 sessions of Earth Science). 

"I am very grateful for the scholarship for my son who is 5 now (2012). He continues to love Coyote Trails; it is a place where he really feels a sense of belonging. He tells me he wants to teach often. He admires and loves all the staff that work there and they are amazing people with my son. Over the summer he learned more fire making skills, worked with a knife, built debris huts, learned new games, learned how to make baskets and weave cordage, learned about bugs, throwing stick, and connected with staff and peers. I'm not even sure it was all part of the curriculum but if anyone was working on it in his vicinity he paid attention and came home and shared it with us!

Our son came home and taught us various games he liked to play at camp. He also works on a little hand drill kit Morgan made him, sometimes we have to tell him to stop as it's bed time! We learned piece by piece what he had done at camp as he demonstrated various skills he learned and told us "important things we needed to know" about how to do things. 

Without a scholarship, we wouldn't have been able to send him and Coyote Trails has become a second home to him. He loves learning all the skills and being outside and then coming back and teaching us anything he learns. He learns some things from me but when they teach him at CTSN it seems to stick more and seems to be more "his" when he comes home and he's more invested. He sees the staff working on different skills and this inspires him to do this when he's home. This is a great asset and gives us more common language and activities to do together that aren't just "mine" but also "his." He has built a lot of confidence at CTSN. At home he picks up all sorts of items from the woods to make tools and traps. He is now using my knife (safely!) and continues to work on his fire skills with the hand drill. He helps with various wild plant collecting and preparing and never stops with the throwing stick!

We had him in one other camp this summer and he was bummed he couldn't be at Coyote Trails that week! He wanted to go home from the other camp the minute he was dropped off. At Coyote Trails he never wants to leave! He complained all year about pre-school as he didn't want to stop exploring or working on skills in the woods. 

I cannot thank anyone enough for giving my son the opportunity to be at CTSN camp this summer! Words cannot truly explain what an impact this program has made for my son or myself! I can only say thank you from my heart."

Alandra and Matt York

Our two sons received a scholarship to attend Earth Art!! camp in August. They had such a fantastic time, an even better time than either of them anticipated. The first day they told long stories about the shelter they built and the wonderful teachers they met. By the end of the week, they were particularly fond of one teacher in particular, Sam. They told me they enjoyed getting to know some 'cool adults' just as much as the skills they learned and the games they played. My son told me he wanted to keep in touch with Sam because he was so impressed by him. Building relationships is such a valuable part of our community to our family and I'm thrilled that the boys found this at the Coyote Trails camp.

The boys most enjoyed shelter building, learning about the sit spot, learning to listen like deer and to walk with no sound. They were more observant after the camp and their connection to the Earth seemed to have deepened. The intangibles were really special. I know they will carry these skills with them to all of their adventures.  

This camp experience may not have been possible without the scholarship so both my husband and I are deeply grateful to Coyote Trails.

Thank you to everyone who makes Coyote Trails camp possible for the youth in our community. It truly is a treasure.


Maud Powell

Attending the Coyote Trails Foxtrail program profoundly affected my relationship to the natural world and also to my son.  The week-long camp provided me with the space and time to truly slow down and remember my passion for nature, learning and community.  The instructors are inspiring, compassionate, knowledgeable and fun-loving. The program offered a respite from our busy lives, in which my son and I were able to connect with each other at a deep level, while learning basic some basic survival and awareness skills. We plan to return as often as possible!