Tom Pittner

Tom and son

Ben_and_Tom_Pittner Ohio Staff Cook

Tom has been a nature lover ever since he was a little boy and nothing much has changed.  He has an uncanny ability to teach himself from books and experimentation.  He created a perfectly braintanned deer hide on his first attempt and made a gorgeous native american flute without instruction or even batting an eyelash.  You could throw him the challenge of taking 30 pounds of...

Amanda Smith


Amanda grew up in the woods of Oregon and Colorado and, as a home school student, she chose to study that which interested her the most. She spent the majority of her time outside, and started training in primitive wilderness skills at a very young age.  As an accomplished tracker in training, she has  instructed students in the art of bushcraft since she was seventeen. Her other passions involve classical violin, martial arts and wild and edible plants.

Jesse Biesanz



Jesse, aka the Frisbee Ninja, has been immersing himself into the Coyote world as much as possible since 2004. He began as a student then returned to volunteer. Jesse has persevered and is now instructor who is always learning. He grew up in Costa Rica and is bilingual. While in Costa Rica he ran tours on horseback, kayak, mountain bike and on foot through amazing, dense, bio-diverse rain forests. He is really excited to be learning as much and more about the Rogue Valley's (USA's 2nd most bio-diverse) ecosystem as he knows about Costa Rica's. His other passions are stone masonry and yoga. One of his great pleasures is finding balance; with rocks, poses, nature and sharing skills with other people.

Carole Slone




Carole wears many hats in her life and every one is made with a fabric combining teaching and nature. Each summer since 2001 she has served as Ecology and Conservation Director as well as Chaplain at a local Boy Scout camp. She has developed Montessori and nature programs for home schoolers since 2000.


Jason Imbrogno



Jason is currently a teacher with the Olentangy School District.  He has taught fourth grade for the past four years and will be teaching seventh grade science beginning in the fall. 

John B.




John is a native Ohioan who traces his love of the outdoors to his childhood visits to his grandparents in the mountains of Pennsylvania. It was cemented by his experiences as a Boy Scout. (Ask him about his first winter campout!) He recently "retired" after about 30 years as a Scout leader to "make more time available for Coyote Trails!"

Kim Budd



Special Needs


Kim is an avid outdoor enthusiast and graduate of the Southern Oregon University Masters of Education program. Kim's passion is to connect children with the outdoors and community based learning opportunities that are relevant and inspiring. 

Michele Pavilionis



Homegrown in the woods around Ashland Oregon, Michele is a natural-world adventurer and full-time mom of two daughters. Currently a full-time student at Southern Oregon University graduating June 2011 with a degree in Early Childhood Development, a minor in Outdoor Adventure Leadership while receiving a certificate in Native American Studies.