Hannah Schiestel



  • With CT since 2005 as student, intern, and now present day Instructor.
  • Credentials: Graduate of 2014-2015 Caretaker program. Graduated High-School in 2012. Assistant Guide for REI Adventure Trips. Has completed 5 of the advanced, weeklong CT classes. Currently involved in: teaching the Outdoor Adventure Programs, starting the Coyote Pups Outdoor Preschool, and managing grounds work at Coyote Trails Nature Center.
  • Outside interests: Hands-on activities, working with kids, climbing, hiking, camping, and knitting by the fire place!
  • Favorite skill: Fire by Friction 
  • Hometown: Truckee, CA
  • What has Coyote Trails done for you? Coyote Trails has given me wonderful experiences and knowledge It has also taught me how to pass that along to students. It has also taught me a lot about myself and what I strive to become. (Feel free to write something else) 
  • Favorite animal: Fruit bat, (or flamingo... or wolf...)

Hannah grew up in Truckee, CA (ski town) doing lots of climbing, hiking, and camping. She first attended Coyote Tracks family classes at young age with her dad in New Jersey, after which she practiced skills with him during the schoolyear until summer camp. They found Coyote Trails when Hannah was 12. She instantly wanted to intern and keep coming back. Before her time at CT, Hannah volunteered at day cares, and with young kids at the K-12 school she attended. Hannah leaped into the 2014-2015 Caretaker program with four other girls, which resulted in her moving to Ashland in 2015 to become a full-time Instructor at CT. 

Her goal is "to help provide our students the same experiences and joys I remember having at this school, having fun, being creative, and being comfortable outside. I hope to help mentor them leading to one day them doing it for someone else. Coyote trails has helped me uncover my goals and passions, helped me grow up."