Sam Daniels


sam d

  • With CT since 2004 as student, intern, instructor-in-training, and now present day Instructor. 
  • Credentials: Certification in CPR & Wilderness First Aid (NOLS/Wilderness Medicine Institute); Outdoor Educator since 2014.
  • Outside Interests: naturalist studies, alternative medicine, community
  • Favorite Skills: sit area, fire by friction, self-care, awareness
  • “What has CT done for you?”: CT gave me skills and tools to create a healthy lifestyle for myself.
  • Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
  • Favorite Animal: Northern Spotted Owl

Sam Daniels is an outdoor educator with a passion for the art of teaching and learning from his students. His journey down the path of nature education began at Coyote Trails as a student, when he was just six years old. After taking summer courses surrounding nature connection since 2004 and teaching as an Instructor-in-Training since 2015, he has developed experience and a solid foundation in this field. Sam attended public high school until his sophomore year when he transferred his studies to Insight School of Kansas, an online high school, where he ended up graduating with a 4.0 GPA. He is trained and certified in both CPR and Wilderness First Aid through NOLS' Wilderness Medicine Institute. Sam has graduated from each of the five core weeklong CT classes, which include in-depth information on tracking, awareness, and primitive living skills. Sam is continuing to build on his education in wilderness medicine, mentoring, and personal living skills such as presence and self-awareness.