Emma Trucco


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  • With CT since 2009; Instructor since 2013
  • Credentials: Graduate of the 2014-2015 Caretaker Program; Portland Community College (current)
  • Outside Interests: natural horsemanship, terrarium crafting, animal care-taking, paper cutting art
  • Favorite Skills: flintknapping, meditation, movement, making stone effigies 
  • “What has CT done for you?”: CT has shown me there is another way to live on this Earth. They have inspired passion in me to continue to strengthen my connection with nature and mentor others to find their own connection. They have guided me back to my heart and inspired me to serve a grander Vision. 
  • Hometown: Portland, Oregon
  • Favorite Animal: Whale

Growing up on the outskirts of Portland, Emma Trucco first found her happiness leading explorations through mud and brambles with neighborhood friends starting at age 8. She continued to immerse herself in nature and was introduced to Coyote Trails in 2009. Since then, Emma has spent her summers taking classes with CT, and in 2011 she started teaching children at Coyote Trails. After high school, Emma participated in Coyote Trails' year-long Caretaker Program with 4 other women and was filmed in the documentary, "Earth Seasoned" (a "5 Women, 4 Seasons" production). Today, she attends Portland Community College online, enjoys making art, helping children connect with nature, and caring for horses.