Cynthia Taylor

Public Information Specialist / 

cynthia shelter

  • With CT since 2014
  • Credentials: BA in Journalism, Metropolitan State University, Denver 
  • Outside Interests: singing, dancing, hula hooping, kayaking, traveling, beach combing, martial arts (has a brown belt in Shotokan karate but now does Tai Chi)
  • Favorite skills: hasn’t decided yet!
  • What has CT done for you?: "CT has given me more confidence in outdoor situations and has challenged me in many different ways. I am happy to have found CT because its vision of understanding the inner relationship of all things is fundamental to my personal beliefs and long-term goals for leading a spiritual life. Learning primitive skills builds my confidence, helps me stay connected to the earth, and is a perfect excuse for being outdoors."
  • Hometown: Miami, Florida
  • Favorite Animal: Wolf (but loves learning about all animals) 
Cynthia considers herself fortunate to have grown up on the outskirts of Miami where she spent every possible minute she could outdoors. Her parents allowed her and all of her siblings the freedom to explore neighborhoods and “almost wild” places filled with birds, lizards, turtles, small mammals, and an occasional alligator. Eventually she found her way to Denver, where she married and raised her children. After graduating from Metropolitan State University in Denver she worked for various weekly newspapers, and in the field of public relations. After moving to Virginia she went to work as an assistant editor at the National Wildlife Federation in its Institute for Wildlife Research Department. She subsequently worked as a director of public relations for an outdoors foundation, started her own public relations and publishing business and eventually became the public information coordinator for a county library system. She moved to Oregon in 2013 to be close to her daughter and granddaughter and a year later discovered CT. Besides continuing to learn primitive skills and more about edible and medicinal plants, she hopes to build an off-the-grid tiny house on wheels someday.