Shakina Drew


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  • With CT since 2010; started as a student and volunteer; instructor since 2014.
  • Credentials: BS in Psychology (Southern Oregon State College, 1996). Worked in the social service and teaching fields for more than 20 years. Her main focus has been at-risk or high-risk youth. Experienced at motivation, team building, group and individual dynamics, conflict resolution skills, and crisis intervention.
  • Outside interests: wandering and wondering; outdoor adventure; plants as medicine; writing/storytelling.
  • Favorite skills: plants; energetic tracking; shelter; all of it!
  • "What has CT done for you?": Reminded me of my passion and purpose.
  • Hometown: Hmmm…don’t have one…grew up in Tokyo, Japan…as close as I get to a home town…
  • Favorite animal: Bear (and dog)

Shakina was born on the East Coast, but was mostly raised in Tokyo, Japan. From ages 4 to 7, she lived in rural Connecticut where she was free to roam the woods. From sunup to sundown, she was out on the land exploring and learning. While Tokyo was an abrupt shift, she never stopped yearning and searching for ways to get out in nature. She had a dream of one day being a part of something that would bring people and the Earth closer. By the time she was in her 20’s, she knew she wanted to find a way to remind people how to reconnect with the Earth and themselves.

She and her son came to Coyote Trails’ Little Foxes program. She knew then that she had found her home, and that her dream was already being realized. She began volunteering the day her son started Little Foxes and has been with Coyote Trails since 2010. Four years later, she became an instructor. Shakina is a natural storyteller and loves to immerse herself in all the Earth has to offer.