Howard Holt


Howard bio pic

  • Instructor with CT since 2006
  • Mentored and influenced by Tom Brown, Jon Young, Gilbert Walking Bull, Eddie Starnater, Stalking Wolf, Coyote Thunder and many more in the skills of living with the Earth and the path of Oneness.
  • Favorite Skills: missionless surrender, sit area, listening, patience, feeling the joy of the moment,  flintknapping, making arrows
  • Outside Interests: Enjoy quality wandering time in the woods, listening to the birds, swimming, exercising, and yoga
  • Hometown: Horsham, PA
  • Favorite Animal: homo sapiens; the cute members of the Salticidae family

"An empathetic nautralist at heart, the perfection of nature inspires me to share ways to improve the quality of life of all beings.  Nature is a superior doorway to understanding life and oneself.  Life is short – seek that which is truly meaningful."