Amanda Smith

Lead Instructor


  • With CT since 2005 as student & intern; present day Lead Instructor.
  • Credentials: The Art of Tracking, Track & Sign III certification through CyberTracker (2015); Graduate of the 2011-2012 CTSN Caretaker Program.
  • Outside Interests: Classical violin and martial arts
  • Favorite Skill: Tracking
  • "What has CT done for you?": Coyote Trails has given me the opportunity to discover who I am and who I truly want to become.
  • Hometown: Boulder, CO
  • Favorite animal: Peregrine falcon

Amanda Smith started learning primitive skill from her grandfather at the age of 14. A year later she attended her first formal week long class in New Jersey where she met Coyote Trails director Joe Kreuzman, The next summer she attended a Coyote Trails tracking course where she fell in love with the school and has been working as a student and instructor for Coyote Trails since 2005. Her other pastimes include martial arts and violin.


Her family was extremely supportive and put up with her projects littering the back yard and even sometimes helped with them. After a while her family became more interested in what she was doing every summer at Coyote Trails and her two younger sisters came out and participated in the Fox Trail class and have since returned to intern and volunteer for a variety of classes. Her Mom and brother have also attended the Fox Trail class and had a wonderful time connecting with nature and family.


It has been a lifelong and life changing journey. Having the opportunity to study wilderness skills and tracking in an extremely supportive environment, being given the opportunity to fail and learn from those failures to find ultimate success and freedom in her passion for the wilderness and outdoor education. Coyote Trails has given Amanda the opportunity to discover who she is and who she truly wants to become.


As an instructor for Coyote Trails her passion lies in supporting others in the life journey of self discovery through tracking and wilderness based primitive living skills. Her hope is that all people will have the opportunity to build a deeper connection with themselves, each other and the earth.