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Offered to ages 13-17

Pre-requisite: None

This Rite-of-Passage week is for adolescent boys and girls who are ready to experience a personal challenge and an initiation into healthy, responsible adulthood. 

Teens: How do you mark the transition from childhood to young-adulthood? How does one transform from being a kid to who it is you’re growing into being?  

Our early ancestors made this transition from playing hunting games to making and carrying their own bow. By spending solitary time in the wilderness, kids were able to obtain a role of self-responsibility, and take a higher role in the family. There will be games, self-reflection, and an opportunity to challenge yourself as early traditional communities did with a solo overnight to honor your passage into adulthood.


Parents: This week will allow your son or daughter to decide for themselves to step into the responsibility of adulthood and will show them that you wish to honor this transition in a large way.

Do you remember your teenage years? Think back to a specific event that marked your transition, possibly something you are not particularly proud of. What would it have been like if you had a supporting community to answer your questions and honor the changes you were going through? This Rite of Passage gives adolescents a healthy blueprint to initiate into adulthood.


Prior to pick up on the last day of this program, we ask parents and family to join the Coyote Trails staff to honor this transition. Details will be provided upon registration.


Tuition: $635


Location: Coyote Trails Main Campus @ Earth Teach Forest Park, Ashland, OR  97520

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