Ohio Staff

Cal Reed



  • With CT since 2011 as student and Instructor in Ohio.
  • Credentials: Self Taught primitive archer. Capable of making a complete archery outfit from materials directly from landscape. Teaches self bow making, flint knapping, basketry, hide tanning, primitive cooking, traps, tracking, etc. Cal took his first primitive harvested deer in 1997 with a stone head on a cane shaft from an osage bow to experience what the ancestors of his local West Virginia landscape managed with local resources. Numerous classes from the Tracker School in New Jersey. Two time instructor at MAPS meets in the north east.
  • Favorite Skill: Strives to have command of all skills necessary to live purely in nature with no modern fabricated resources.
  • Interests: Spending time in nature to continue to understand interconnectedness of nature and man. 
  • "What has CT done for you?":  CT has extended my training and experiences in new and different terrain in Oregon. CT has given me opportunities to share and help others that are are hungry connect and learn in and from nature.
  • Favorite Animal:  "Deer. Hunting them has taught me so many deeper lessons from creation and some of them are even related to the deer. Ha!"

Sandy Reed

Ohio Lead Instructor


  • With Coyote Trails since 2006. Currently leads CT programs in Ohio and West Virginia.
  • Credentials: Teaching in the woods and in the classroom for almost 30 years now; middle school science teacher with experience as a K-12 Administrative Environmental Education Specialist; BS degree in 1-8 Education (The Ohio State University); masters degree in Gifted Education (Ashland University); The Art of Tracking, Track & Sign II certification through CyberTracker; Her most recent achievement came in 2014 when she was given an award as one of the top Outstanding Green Educator Program Directors in the nation -- her favorite classroom is the woods.
  • Skills & interests: Wildlife tracking. Traveling to South Africa in the summer to trail lions, rhino and other game. Here at home, she loves archery and is an active hunter with her home made stick bow. She only takes what is given and needed, processes the meat herself, feeds her family and friends who need it and saves the hides for tanning. Sandy is a mom to two wonderful kids and is married to one of the most amazing human beings on the planet.
  • "What has CT done for you?" -- Coyote Trails has taught her many things over the years. Most importantly, it provides a sense of community with like-minded individuals who care deeply about the Earth.
  • Favorite animal:  "Today, we will go with the coyote." She has had several close encounters with coyote and they have a special place in her heart along with horses, red fox, spiders, rhinos and dolphins. And weasels, of course!