Molly Kreuzman

Co-Director, CTNC Facilities Manager


  • How long have you been with CT? In what capacity? -- "As the Co-Director with my husband Joe, I have been involved in Coyote Trails School of Nature since its inception. In the past 11 years my roles have varied widely from Chief Cheerleader and Bottle Washer to running our Nature Center and currently taking over the Directorship while Joe takes a much needed sabbatical. I am also taking the lead on creating our documentary film 5 Women: 4 Seasons. But in any capacity I am smart enough to always surround myself with folks I both respect and who know more than me."
  • Credentials: Mount Holyoke College double major in Middle Eastern Politics and Religion and a minor in Women’s Studies (Cum Laude, 1992), "which makes me perfectly suited to both Documentary Filmmaking and running a Nature Center." Molly has studied at the Tracker School, David Lynch Foundation for Transcendental Meditation, Raising Change, Earth-Heart Institute, Total Human Retreats, the Non-Profit Institute and more.
  • Favorite Primitive Skills: Awareness and problem solving along with adaptability.
  • Outside Interests: "My areas of interest range from traveling, meeting and connecting people, volunteering for such organizations as ZanaAfrica, Women’s Foundation of Oregon, ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum and Park Estates Homeowners Association to making jewelry (or really any art project) and fixing up and decorating spaces for people."
  • What has CT done for you? -- "It has created, nurtured and informed my life purpose. It has allowed me a new family of children and adults to love and learn from. It is the foundation Joe and I stand on and allows us to lay down at night knowing we are making a real and lasting difference in the world."
  • Hometown: "Columbus, Ohio is the place I was born and raised but truly my hometown is now Ashland, Oregon."
  • Favorite Animal: "Otter, which I plan to come back as on the next go-around!"

Kathy LeMay of Raising Change says of Molly "She sees people's deepest commonalities and connects them in this place. She doesn't see their differences, only where they link up."