Eirik Moergen

Senior Instructor


Eirik is a Senior Instructor at Coyote Trails and has been teaching with the school since the first summer over 11 years ago. As such, he has been blessed to share his experiences and passion for nature while teaching the arts of tracking, survival and nature awareness through classes, workshops and seminars to thousands of students across the country. Born in California and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Eirik has always held a deep connection to the natural world. Early in life he began studying Eastern Philosophy and training in the martial and yogic arts, and these experiences have deeply influenced him from a young age.

He has been tracking, practicing earth living skills and teaching for over 14 years. Eirik studied Integrative Healing, Philosophy of Physics and Nature Awareness at The Evergreen State College and after graduating spent nearly a year almost exclusively in the woods. This time-rich experience provided long days and weeks under the stars, wandering and re-calibrating to the deeper rhythms of nature – eating wild foods, tracking the bird language and strongly honing the skills of stalking and movement. He eventually came to know the quiet mind, and among the wild animals he touched was a Stellar’s Jay, the Douglas Squirrel, an inquisitive Red Fox and the powerfully gentle Black-tailed Deer to name a few...

Seeking the tools and skills of nature mentoring and teaching, he completed several classes at Tom Brown's Tracker School, a long-term intensive at Wilderness Awareness School, a 6-month internship at Earthwalk Northwest focusing on primitive living skills and wild edible/medicinal plants with Frank and Karen Sherwood, and he has taken every opportunity he can to study with his primary mentor Jon Young through participating in and facilitating several Art of Mentoring classes, coyote teaching weekends, bird language workshops and tracking events – including time in the Chiricahua Mountains of Southern Arizona with the Shadow Wolves Border Patrol Tracking Team. Eirik holds Level III Track and Sign Interpretation certification and a Level II Trailing certification from CyberTracker International.  

Always learning and growing, Eirik had the chance to live with Paul Pitchford for a time in Northern California, studying Asian dietary therapy and Whole Foods cooking. He has also spent time in Vermont studying Sacred Plant Medicine with Stephen Harrod Buhner and Trishuwa. In 2013 Eirik finished his graduate degree studying Daoist medicine, acupuncture and philosophy at the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northwestern North Carolina. During his time at the school he formed a close bond with his teacher, the late Dr Sean Marshall, and was asked to serve as senior editor in compiling and re-formatting Dr Marshall’s lectures into the first-year energetic anatomy and physiology textbook for the school to be published early 2016 titled: “Li- The Inner Principles of Chinese Medicine.” Eirik was also hired by Jung Tao School as adjunct faculty in teaching the first-year Physics lectures. A long-time practitioner of daoyin, qigong, taiji and yoga, he has been studying the bio-energetic anatomy, physiology and perceptual apparatus of the human body for many years and is working on a 'field guide' to the Energetics of the Body, biogenesis, deep ecology and the Art of Tracking.