What should we bring on our field-trip?

These lists provide a general idea of what a typical class requires. A specific supply list will be sent to you during pre-planning that we design  for your unique program. Ahead of time, think about how many chaperones you may need and find out who is available. We do have Pre-Class Tips for Chaperones. The Program Coordinator at Coyote Trails can discuss all of these topics with you and give recommendations.

Supply List for CTNC visit (*varies based on program and student ages)

  • Pencils

  • Worksheet from CTSN or a journal

  • Weather appropriate clothing and shoes

  • Sack lunch for each student

    • Pack-out trash bag: We ask that all your trash be “packed-out.

  • CTSN "Student Permission Slip" signed by parent/guardian

  • Completed Pre-surveys

  • Water Bottle-Mandatory for every program

  • Spending money for “Coyote Den” (gift shop/school store), with parental approval

Typical Supply List for School visit (*varies based on program and student ages)

  • Pencils

  • Journals/worksheets

  • Pre-surveys

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • CTSN student permission to participateslip

  • Water bottle

Typical Supply List for Mountain Campus (*varies based on program and student ages)

  • Water Bottle - mandatory

  • Pencils

  • Journal/worksheet

  • CTSN student permission to participate slip

  • Pre-surveys

  • Appropriate clothing and shoes (always colder here than on the Valley floor)

  • Sack lunch

    • Pack-out bag for all student generated trash

$25 - Pays for one student to attend a weekend class 
$70 - Feeds one student for a week at summer camp
$175 - Pays for one student to attend day camp for a week 
$725 - Pays for one student to attend our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure"  overnight program 
$1,225 - Pays for a parent and child to our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure" overnight program