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Long Term Programs for Individuals

Long Term Programs for Individuals

Long term programs available for school requirements, individuals, and homeschool groups. Applications required. Contact our office.

Program Title

Grade Level



Max Number

Dates Offered

The Way 
of the

Graduated high school or 18 years of age.

Traditional living skills and caretaking. Continual study over time.

Year-long. Multiple seasons


Year-long (contact office for projected dates)

Volunteer: Nature Center


Non-profit office assistance, grounds assistance



Spring, Fall, Winter

Summer Internship


Traditional living skills & teaching. Must take Fox Trail prior to or summer of; required to live on site.

Minimum 4 weeks


Summer only

Practicum and Projects

College +

Traditional living skills, caretaking, long-term school project

Multiple seasons


Spring, Fall, Winter

"What does it take to be a Coyote Trails Instructor?"

All Coyote Trails Instructors:

  • Are at least 18 years of age.
  • Have taken the Fox Trail, or have tested out with equivalent skills & knowledge.
  • Show passionate interest in advancing their own skills, (one way is by engaging in the other trails of study)
  • Understand long-term cultural mentoring, what it takes to mentor each and every learner in a class and also have a working knowledge and felt sense of what it is like to be mentored
  • Show passionate interest in evolving as a better teacher
  • Worked on Instructor Teams as an Instructor-In-Training with CTSN (for at least one season)
  • Have attended CTSN staff training at a minimum of once every two years.
  • Have a working, usable understanding of 'Coyote Teaching' and its effectiveness

Qualities of a Coyote Trails Instructor:

  • Passionate about wilderness skills, teaching, and learning
  • Personable and articulate
  • Enjoys working with kids and adults
  • Supports light-hearted teaching environments
  • Teaches with humility
  • Takes initiative
  • Conflict resolution and safety prevention skills

Do you have driving directions to the Coyote Trails Nature Center?

DIRECTIONS TO Coyote Trails Nature Center

The center is located in the heart of the US Cellular Community Ballpark at 2931 South Pacific Highway, Medford, Oregon. Once inside the park, follow the signs to the center.

Northbound on 1-5:

Use Exit 24 (Phoenix Exit)

Turn Left onto Fern Valley Road from the freeway off-ramp. Proceed 0.5 miles. Turn Right onto Hwy 99 at the stop light. Proceed 1.6 miles. You’ll pass the traffic signal at East South Stage Road. In one block, turn Right onto the U.S. Cellular Community Park road, just before the Harry & David Field sign. Follow as the road curves; the second road (not driveway) on the Right will lead you to the Coyote Trails parking lot on the Left.

Southbound on 1-5:

Use Exit 27

Turn right at end of offramp, onto Garfield St. Proceed 0.4 miles. Turn Left onto S. Pacific Hwy (OR-99). Proceed 1.7 miles. You’ll pass the Grange Co-op. Just past Les Schwab Tires you’ll see a Harry & David Field sign on the left. Merge left into the left turn only lane. Immediately past that sign, turn Left onto the U.S. Cellular Community Park road. Follow as the road curves; the second road (not driveway) on the Right will lead you to the Coyote Trails parking lot on the Left.


Questions? Contact Us

Do you provide scholarships?

Yes; Coyote Trails believes in offering these teachings to everyone who seeks them. Our Board of Directors works year-round to ensure proper scholarship funds exist and we do our best to help all who need assistance. Please print this 2012_Financial_Assistance_Application.pdf and return it to us promptly in order to be considered for aid, our scholarships are on a first come first served basis. You may also inquire about a payment plan.

$25 - Pays for one student to attend a weekend class 
$70 - Feeds one student for a week at summer camp
$175 - Pays for one student to attend day camp for a week 
$725 - Pays for one student to attend our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure"  overnight program 
$1,225 - Pays for a parent and child to our weeklong "Fox Trail Adventure" overnight program