Weasel Trail Courses

WEASEL TRAIL: The weasel is graceful, solitary and very silent. The weasel glides effortlessly across the landscape like water moving from shadow to shadow and like water the weasel simply sinks and fades into invisibility. The weasel is both sly and secretive and always observing. The Ancient Arts of the Scout, and all the playfulness that comes along with it is where this trail begins.

WEASEL TRAIL CLASSES: Sink and Fade, Advanced Sink and Fade, Sink and Fade III, The Living Shadow.

Sink & Fade III

Open to Advanced Sink & Fade graduates who have tested to this level. 

Tuition: $650 per week                           

Weasel Trail: The Living Shadow

Offered to ages 13-70+
Pre-requisites: Advanced Sink & Fade

Here we will provide the students the opportunity to embody that which they have been learning and apply it into their everyday life. This is a dynamic and ever evolving experience. The Scout world exists on the edges, the furthest reaches of awareness. Both playful and exciting, yet also very serious. The ability of the Scout to sink and fade into any environment or situation, wilderness or urban will be covered. Exercises in personal stamina, camp location and perimeter awareness, camp entry/exit points, escape and evasion routes, cover and concealment, group movement and protection drills, danger recognition and avoidance, and night travel will all be lived. The emphasis is on really embodying these skills into your daily life. Prepare for a wild week!

Tuition: $675 per week

Weasel Trail: Advanced Sink & Fade

Offered to ages 13-70+
Pre-requisite: Fox Trail, Bear Skills, and Sink & Fade

Along with the fun and excitement of the Weasel Trail comes the honor and responsibility of being a scout for the tribe. Those choosing to continue down the path of the Weasel will discover these teachings as the timeless tools they are. You will gain a deeper understanding into the art of invisibility and be introduced to many new skills.

Tuition: $675 per week

Weasel Trail: Sink & Fade

Immerse yourself into the ancient arts of the Scout!

Please note: you will need to meet all the pre-requisites listed below!

Sink & Fade ages 13-70+
Pre-requisites: Fox Trail, Bear Skills and a passing score on the Skills Evaluation

The safety and health of the people depended upon the skills of the Scouts to locate fresh water and food and to navigate the people around danger. The ability of the Scout to sink and fade into the landscape and move invisibly at high speeds is both an art and a science. Skills include: advanced and invisible shelter and fire techniques, martial arts study and movement, high speed tracking, and expanded awareness through the use of blindfolds and night-time activities. This week is all about fun and new adventures. It will re-awaken a playful and joyful way for you to view the world. To sum it up, this week is like one giant game of capture the flag. If you are ready to explore a world of intense excitement, where you can never be bored again, this adventure is for you!

Tuition: $675 per week
$985 for 2 people (child with parent or guardian)
$500 for each additional family member