Bear Trail Courses

BEAR TRAIL: To survive the long Winter, Bear's knowledge of the landscape must be great. He is a master at conservation of energy and surviving. The bear teaches us to draw upon our inner stores of energy, even those that have never been accessed. These skill based classes are both fun and rewarding. Students will return home with numerous projects both learned and completed.

BEAR TRAIL CLASSES: Bear Skills, - Wood,Bone, Hide & Stone - , Winter Living Skills, Wilderness Wander Quest. 

Bear Trail: Wood, Bone, Hide & Stone

Offered to ages 9-70+
Pre-requisites: Bear Skills

Living the ancient skills means maximum utilization of the materials provided through Nature. This class will give you hands-on experience in: earth shelters, making axes, hatchets, wedges, vises, spears, slings, sewing needles, awls, hooks, baskets, drills, the sharpening of wood and bone tools, advanced shelter doors, effective smoke draws for your shelter, advanced heat reflectors, rawhide cordage and containers, water containers, packs, advanced bow making, steam bending and straightening, sinew preparation, dyes, clay processing and a host of so much more....

Tuition: $675 per week
$985 for 2 people (child with parent or guardian)
$500 for each additional family member

Bear Trail: Wilderness Wander Quest

Offered to ages 15-17
Pre-requisites: Fox Trail Adventure and Bear Skills

This experience will test your skills and put you directly in touch with nature and yourself through the purity of wilderness. We will be living close to the earth, re-setting our internal clock to that of the land, letting go of our modern necessities and moving toward full primitive living. Our time will focus heavily on living the primitive skills and incorporating the philosophy of Nature and care-taking. We will venture deeper and
deeper into the Oregon Wilderness while practicing all we have learned in a safe but adventurous way. The opportunity will exist to experience a solo overnight as a rite of passage for those who qualify and are interested.
This course is limited to 12 students. If interested please notify us six months in advance, so that you can prepare early for this life changing and truly rewarding experience.

Tuition: $1275 per person
$975 for each additional family member

Bear Trail: Winter Living Skills

Offered to ages 12-70+
Pre-requisite: Wood, Bone, Hide and Stone

The natural conditions of the Winter season provides some of the most challenging and insightful lessons available through nature. Here there is little margin or error as our skills reach perfection and our thoughts and actions become more fluid and decisive. Winter skills covered: winter shelters, travel and navigation, snowshoe and pack-frame making, advanced fire techniques, hide tanning for: insulated clothing, mukluks, hats, gloves and socks, winter trapping and hunting, pecking and grinding stone tools and more. A safe and rewarding winter experience will be shared as well as a gained confidence for all seasons.

Tuition: $675 per week

Bear Trail: Wilderness Vision Quest

Wilderness Vision Quest
Offered to ages 15 - 70+
Pre-requisite: None

This program is on a suggested donation basis only. If you are interested in Questing please send a letter of intent and include why you are drawn to Quest now in your life. 

Minimum Suggested Donation: $350

Bear Trail: Bear Skills

Offered to ages 7-70+

Pre-requisites: Fox Trail Adventure

This advanced week long skills course hones and polishes the survival skills and craft work that were only introduced during the Fox Trail Adventure. These primitive living skills are works of art in the truest sense in both beauty and function. The people's lives depended on their knowledge and craftsmanship. These skills  function as a bridge into deeper awareness levels! Here we cover advanced shelter building, flint knapping (the art of making stone tools), bowmaking, basketry, advanced fire techniques, brain-tanning buckskin, advanced stalking and movement, coal burned wooden bowls and utensils, primitive pottery, and advanced tracking techniques to name a few. It is our goal to increase the student's appreciation for the natural world and the beautiful and useful tools that can be created when we are true stewards of the land.  This week is an opportunity to practice what you learned upon the Fox Trail.  Adults and parents are in separate learning groups from the youth and teens, some evening activities and all meals are shared together.

Tuition: $675 per week
$985 for 2 people (child with parent or guardian)
$500 for each additional family member