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Summer of 2018 there will be no day classes offered for students 17 & under. Watch for our wilderness immersion programs. Please click here for a link to our latest newsletter explaining our newly changing programs.

Are you looking to live the language of the forest? Are you interested in strengthening that doorway to living within an expanded level of awareness? Would you like to practice walking at one with your surroundings? Do you feel the need to teach and to embrace protecting others? 

Tracking is at the core of what CTSN is. Inspiration becomes the spark that ignites the Quest! This ten day program culminates with a Weasel Trail specific 'Vision Quest'. The first days will be similar to the Wood/Bone/Hide & Stone class learning advanced traditional skills in the traditional manner. The class will then transition to the Cascade - Siskiyou landbridge for team movement and adventurous, non-stop 24 hour training. The final few days and nights will be spent questing for wisdom. 

Begins: Noon on the 14th through Noon on the 24th

Pre-requisite: Sink & Fade &/or the 2011 Coyote Trail Class

Tuition: $685

In order to complete your application please:
1. Register here online and-
2. Download the application forms and return them (ASAP) to the Coyote Trails Office.
Most Importantly:
3. Write a brief letter about yourself and your reasons for wanting to train in this way at this point in your life.

You will need camping gear for base camp during the days you are not in the field and a high speed core pack for the landbridge training session. A complete list of items to bring and all other logistics will be included in your acceptance letter. Please be sure you are physically ready for this 10 day program and that you feel called to join.

Initial Location: Coyote Trails Main Campus, Ashland, Oregon 97520

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