Ages: 15 through Adult

Oct. 18 - Session I: The Basic Science and Physical Consequences of Climate Change – This session explores the competing hypotheses that might be employed to explain the current climate trend with a focus on that which is currently accepted by 97 percent of practicing climate scientists, all professional scientific organizations and National Academies of Science and the Department of Defense. The discussion includes what the General Circulation Models project for the future given different possible arrays of human response in terms of economic focus, energy policy and population trajectory.

Oct. 25 - Session II: The Biological Consequences of Climate Change – This session explores the currently known physical and biological consequences of current climate trends and what these consequences will likely be given the projected trends.

Nov. 1 - Session III: The Regional Consequences of Climate Change and How to Address It – This session will focus on Pacific Northwest and regional climate trends and consequences and what we individually and collectively can do to address the problem.

Dates: Oct. 18, 25, and Nov. 1, 2015

Time: 1-3 pm

Fee: $5 - $15 donation suggested

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